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Volunteering / Reunion Committees

For planning purposes, the planning for the reunion has been divided between a variety of committees. If you would like to volunteer for a committee, please contact the committee member by e-mail by clicking on their name.

The reunion task list, current committees and committee members are listed below.


Task List / To Do

Assigned tasks:

  • Presenters for family branches
    • A representative for each family branch will give a presentation on the branch of about 20 minutes
    • Branch representatives are:
      • Karl "Charles" Olaf Olson Branch: Sarah Swanson
      • Ernest Andreas Olson Branch: John Olson
      • Esther Suzanna Olson Branch: Steven Brissenden
      • Anna Elvira Olson Branch: Marilyn Schoonover
      • David Leonard Olson Branch: Anita Olson-Neuhauser
      • Samuel Erick Olson Branch: Anita Cook
      • Christina Elizabeth Olson Branch: Kathie Teslaw (in absentia)
  • Printing of reunion badges and assembly of registration packet: Hanna Olson
    • Each family that registers should receive an envelope with name tags, maps, and other relevant information
    • Note that Hanna will be unable to attend the reunion, so we'll need someone else to assist with this project
    • Don Olson has said that he's got 100+ plastic badge covers
    • Constance will put together a map of Whistler
  • Tally known reunion costs so far: Sherry Olson
    • Figure out how fees will differ for those with children
  • Firm up the Saturday program schedule: Ron Cook
  • Someone to interface with caterers before and during events to be sure everything goes smoothly: Michelle Cook Heller
  • Reproduction of the "Quest for a Better Life" DVD: Kevin Olson will coordinate
  • Reprinting of Esther's Book: Collin Olson Starkweather will coordinate with Poul Olson
  • Olson branch group photos: Constance Brissenden will coordinate with Steve Brissenden
    • Schedule a time and location for each branch
    • Assign a photographer
    • Printing and assigning identification numbers so that family members can be identified in the photographs
    • We'll need a stepladder so the photographer can get above head height
    • Do the picnic grounds have an area amenable to group photographs (e.g., a small hill)?

Unassigned tasks include

  • Research child care options
    • Do the facilities (golf club, Marriott, picnic grounds, etc.) provide child care options?
    • Solicit volunteers (perhaps among the teenagers in attendance?) to assist with child care during functions
  • Find out whether we can hang things on the wall in the family history room at the Marriott
    • If not, are there easels and other alternatives?
    • Note that the family tree is roughly 4' x 11'
  • Registration hosts for Friday, August 15
    • 9:00am - noon
    • 3:30pm - 5:00pm
    • 2 hosts for each time slot


Executive Committee

Responsibilities: To provide coordination between other committees and provide "big-picture" guidance for reunion planning and execution.


Committee Members:
  • John Olson


Program Committee

Responsibilities: Organize the main program that all family members are invited to attend, including presentations, honors, speeches, etc..

Activities that are being organized by the Program Committee currently include

  • Dinner on Friday night, August 15
  • Picnic / BBQ lunch on Saturday afternoon, August 16
  • Dinner on Saturday night, August 16



Social and Activities Committee

Responsibilities: Organize social events for the reunion to make it as inclusive and engaging as possible for family members of all ages and walks of life.

Whistler is an area that has a huge potential range of activities for kids and adults alike. Proposed activities include


Committee Members:
  • Kris Olson
  • Hanna Olson


Technical / Communications Committee

Responsibilities: Manage information and communications between family members, including the reunion web site and mailing lists, to ensure that information is disseminated in as timely and accurate a manner as possible.


Assigned Tasks:

  • Receive donations via PayPal Premium account and transfer the funds to the Treasurer (Kevin Olson - 3 hours)
  • Contact family members to request family tree updates (Kevin Olson - 5 hours)
  • Update printed family tree (Kevin Olson - 10 hours)
  • Update online family trees (Kevin Olson - 40 hours)
  • At the family reunion, give a presentation on family demographics (Kevin Olson - 10 hours)
  • Create committee information page (Collin Olson Starkweather - 6 hours (with edits) [Done])
  • Create activity information page (Collin Olson Starkweather - 12 hours (with edits) [Done])
  • Create Esther's Book and Quest for a Better Life DVD information pages (Collin Olson Starkweather - 10 hours [Done])
  • Create registration page (Collin Olson Starkweather - 45 hours (including edits, testing, updates to related web pages, and e-mails to the Google Groups) [Done])
  • Miscellaneous pending homepage updates and corrections (Collin Olson Starkweather - 6 hours)
  • Updates to Olson Reunion Google Group (Collin Olson Starkweather - 12 hours)
  • Collate and registrant information and distribute registration lists to the Program Committee (Collin Olson Starkweather - 10 hours)

Unassigned Tasks:

  • No currently unassigned tasks


Facilities Committee

Responsibilities: Negotiate and book facilities and coordinate lodging for family members to provide the greatest value to family members attending the reunion



Finance Committee

Responsibilities: Manage donations and expenses associated with planning and executing the family reunion. Provide detailed records of any related transactions upon request.


Committee Members:
  • Kevin Olson