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Olson Reunion Questionnaire Results


Many thanks to all of the family members who participated! The response to the survey was tremendous with a total of 48 family members responding. Far more family members participated than were expected, giving us a wealth of information. For those who are interested, summary results from the survey are given below.

First Choice for Reunion Location

        Whistler:  16 votes
        Jackson Hole:  12 votes
        No Preference:  9 votes
        Other:  6 votes
        Breckenridge:  3 votes
        Did not make a selection:  2 votes

Second Choice for Reunion Location

        Jackson Hole:  14 votes
        No Preference:  11 votes
        Breckenridge:  10 votes
        Other:  5 votes
        Did not make a selection:  5 votes
        Whistler:  3 votes

Best Month for Reunion

        No Preference:  16 votes
        August:  14 votes
        July:  9 votes
        June:  7 votes
        May:  1 vote
        Did not make a selection:  1 vote

Can Attend in 2008

        Probably:  21 votes
        Yes:  21 votes
        Probably Not:  6 votes

Total Number of Attendees Indicated by Likelihood of Attending

        Yes:  49 attendees
        Probably:  45 attendees
        Probably Not:  12 attendees

Total Number of Family Members Who Indicated They Were Interested in Volunteering for the Organizing Effort


Comments by Family Members (lightly edited and anonymized)

      Don't know exactly where Whistler or Breckinridge are
      located... but am guessing it's in Canada?

      [Whistler is a ski resort located in Canada, just north of Seattle.
      Breckenridge ("Breck") is a ski resort located in Colorado.

      My first and second choices would be somewhere in Washington
      like Spokane or Seattle area.  It would really nice to have it
      in the Spokane
      area, someplace with a larger airport and closer to Malo, WA.  A
      day excursion
      to Malo & Curlew would be so cool to visit the old homestead and
      the local
      area, cemetary, etc.  I'm sure there are some living family
      members (who are
      familiar with the area/Olson family history) who would be happy
      to escort a
      tour :).

      A big thank you to all who have already worked hard to get us
      to this point! What get technical and communication skills we
      have in our family!

      We felt the last reunion was cliquey and would like the reunion
      to focus on how to accomplish more interaction.  I would
      like to get to know my cousins better.  Believe me when I say,
      however, that all the work that goes into preparing this reunion
      (and the others) is looked on with awe and much appreciated.

      All suggested locations are too far away & too expensive

      would rather have it in 2009; would prefer not to have it in
      another country - i.e. Canada where we'd all have to get
      passports - really adds to the cost of the trip

      If trailer camping is available, this is what our family
      would want to do.

      near bend, oregon.  very nice, check it out.

      Be sure to get a place with a meeting room with modern
      electronic visual aids, such as PP and DVD projector with screen
      & sound.

      Choice of location-Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu

      Sleeping Lady is a resort in Leavenworth, Wa. w/ facilities to
      handle a large group, ie. on the river, dining and meeting
      rooms. Lovely cabins.  Information can be accessed on the internet.

      We would prefer Spokane as the choice for the reunion.

      I would like the location to be central to most people so it is
      affordable and convenient for all.

      Whistler is going to be busy and the road under construction in
      2008 due to upcoming Winter Olumpics 2010. I don't recommend it.