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Driving from Seattle to Whistler

For those driving to Whistler, those who are in the know suggested a route that crosses the border at a location other than I-5, the main artery from Seattle to Vancouver, due to hour-long typical wait times on the interstate highway.

The route given in the link below should save you an hour or more at the border.

Please note that I have not driven this route personally, so I cannot attest as to its veracity. If anyone has anything to add, please send an e-mail to


Directions Via Google

For driving directions from the Seattle airport (SEATAC) to Whistler, click on the link below:


Some tips:

  • A good place to get lunch and gas is Squamish, a small town about halfway from Vancouver to Whistler.
    • Gas is usually cheaper here than at Whistler
    • To get there, turn left at the light and into the town. You will be on the main street with shops and cafes.
  • Take drinks and snacks as it is going to be hot and there may be delays on Hwy 99 due to landslide cleanup or road work.

Some caveats:

  • In the directions, the points where you need to pay close attention are
    • #3: (Take exit 275 for WA-543 N toward Truck Customs/H St), and
    • #10: (Merge onto HWY-1 W/Trans Canada Hwy W)
  • After you connect into the main Canadian highway after the border, be sure it's the correct highway, that is, HWY-1 W/Trans Canada Hwy West


Additional Comments?

If you have additional comments, please feel free to send an to Collin Starkweather.