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Olson Family Reunion Questionnaire

Please note that the Olson Reunion Survey has been closed. Forty-eight family members responded to the survey during the survey period and results from the survey have been posted for those who are interested.

The Olson Reunion Planning Committee has begun the preliminary stages of planning for a family reunion in 2008, and we would like to solicit feedback from you to make the reunion as inclusive as possible.

The committee has identified several potential sites for the family reunion. Before completing the survey, please take a look at information that has been gathered on possible locations for the reunion.

The results of the survey and additional information will be made available on this website. Stay tuned!

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Name: *  
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Phone Number:  
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E-mail Address (Confirm): *  
Spouse’s / Partner’s Name:  
Marriage Date:  
What branch of the family are you from? *  
Do you support an family reunion in 2008? *  
Would you be able to attend in 2008? *  
What would be the best time to hold a reunion?   
Number of members of your household you would expect to attend:   
First choice of location for the reunion: *  
Second choice of location for the reunion:   
What is the most important factor in your decision to attend?   
Are you able to give $25 towards reunion planning costs? *  
Would you be able to volunteer some time to assist in the planning process? *  
Children (please include name, b/d, e-mail, address, marriage date, and phone #):  
What amenities or recreational activities would you and your family be most interested in?  
Comments or suggestions?  
Are there any family members you know of who do not have internet access or would prefer to receive a copy of this questionnaire in the mail? Please provide their names and mailing addresses: